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Todays Top Saddle Deals

Wintec Dressage Saddle
Wintec Saddle 17inch
Wintec GP Saddle. Black. 18″
Wintec Saddle
Wintec Saddle 17 Brown Wide
Wintec Brown Saddle 18″ Inch Cair VGC

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Not sure what to look for?, need advice?. Choosing a saddle requires careful consideration but if done correctly your purchase will serve you, and your horse, in terms of comfort and durability, for many years. The first step in purchasing a saddle on the web is to know exactly what you are looking for. Use our Saddle Buying Guide to help you decide what type of saddle is right for you and your horse, or pony.

Dressage saddles are great for riders who prefer a secure feel of the seat and like to ride with a forward leg position. A Jumping Saddle is designed for showjumping or cross-country but is often used for general riding. A Western Saddle has a long history but is still a popular saddle today, on cattle ranches, and on working horses all over the USA. An English Saddle is a type of saddle designed to allow the horse less restricted movement when jumping or moving over rugged ground with fences. A Treeless Saddle is normally used for horses that are difficult to fit although some riders prefer the close contact it gives. Endurance Saddles are usually very comfortable as they are designed for riding over long distances and are becoming more popular among pleasure riders.

Consider also the material the saddle is made from – Synthetic is cheaper of course but a well made leather saddle, if properly cared for, will last longer and may well be more cost-effective in the long run. If you are still not sure, check out our buying guide.